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    Welcome on the Guide of Gambling


    The first difficulty when one starts to be interested in the casinos on line is to choose the casino with which... to start.
    Thereafter the few following recommendations will appear quite simple to you and rather basic, but I am to you apply them at this time there without same thinking of it!

    To choose a casino certifies and serious

    All the casinos present on this site are casinos serious and interesting, they were been controls by organizations specialize guaranteeing their serious and already proved reliable near ten or hundreds thousands players.

    The transactions are made safe, a support is present in the event of technical problem or of questions of your share, they have a legal licence of play, the teams are qualified and serious...etc..
    You thus do not risk anything with these casinos, but this n´est not the case of all the casinos!

    Thus ensure first of all that the casino east certifies by an organization such as IGC (Interactive Gaming Council- in French “the Council of the Interactive Play”) or Online Gaming Alliance, OGA

    IGC is an organization which is used of mediator, lawyer and clearing house for the Net surfers in the event of litigation with a site of casino.
    OGA, or Online Gaming Alliance was creates in order to control the thousands of lay off Software Grand Virtual™ throughout the world. Greece with regular audits and rigorous check procedures, OGA obliges its lay off to respect high standards by ensuring that all the sites using the software of Large Virtual equitable, are made safe and of confidence. Constantly, the players can defer all problem to OGA.
    As their slogan announces it “You know that you can play in full safety when you see OGA:

    Finally organizations such as Online Players Associations (Tender offer) or PricewaterhouseCoopers guarantee that the casinos certify transfer well % of the profits which they indicate.
    To thus check the rate of transfer of a casino (=la share of the profits or benefit of the casino redistribute with the players at the time of their parts by the casino on line): it must lie between 95 and 99%.

    Seek and find your casino...by testing them: it is free!

    You can test each casino without having to deposit money, by using the free mode or demonstration mode.

    To find the casino of your dreams (and not of your nightmares...), the best solution thus consists in registering you in the casino which seems to you most interesting, then to test it. If it is not appropriate to you test in another, then another etc... Do not hesitate especially to test some several so as to see the advantages and disadvantages of each one, in order to be able to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

    You will be able to thus choose the casino according to your personal tastes or your budgetary constraints, of time etc..(interest for the design of the casino and the plays, simplicity of the rules of plays, choice of Games offered baccara, jackpot, casino with progressive plays or not, poker, blackjack etc..; or according to means' of payment propose, speed of the payments, inscription with no-claims bonus , or a casino without deposit etc..etc..).

    With each one thus of to choose the casino who agrees to him according to his personal criteria.

    To use the demonstration mode of the casinos

    This recommendation is valid also for the players confirm, since each casino has a design and procedures private individuals, use a maximum the demonstration mode before miser with your money in order to not be disturbs or distracts by technical specifications which could divert you play itself.
    In the same spirit, once you have carry out your first deposit and start to play with your money, to try as far as possible to privilege at the beginning of your training, casinos presenting one consequent no-claims bonus with the inscription , which will enable you to play of the money them feelings are so different from the free mode that one will have offered to you...in the event of loss, it is to better lose the money offered by the casino that its own sums of money!!
    One should not under estimating dimensions it psychological in the money plays, which will be - quickly approaches in the legislation of the money plays, on the page “warning” .

    Licensed of the payments

    The casinos present here use an encoding (128 bits for the majority) of the data in order to ensure you of the data confidentiality echangees.
    For those which the payment on line still does fear, in spite of the safety employed, the insurance of your means of payment in the event of fraudulent use on Internet, will know that there are more and more casinos which use virtual banks for the deposit and the withdrawal of your money, like Neteller or Moneybookers.

    To play for the money or the pleasure

    The casinos on line present the same characteristics that the “physical” casinos which you could know, except for the difference.... that you can play there free.
    The industry of the play is not that an industry of the money, it is also and above all an industry of the entertainment.

    Think of diverting you...also: the passion of the play in A carries more one or more one!!
    Think of reading warning on this subject, or to know which are the laws which govern the money plays in France.

    Good games !!


    Warning: The money plays and sites are prohibited to the old people of less than 18 years. You conform to the legislation in force in your country website forbidden less than 18

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