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    The casinos classes by no-claims bonus of inscription

    What is what a no-claims bonus of inscription?

    The casinos on line double, triple or quadruple sometimes your 1st deposits of money - but also the following, in order to enable you to play longer, of larger miser or simply to acquire all subtleties of the play.
    it is what one calls the no-claims bonus of welcome.

    They are elements to be taken into account at the time of your choices of casinos. It is thus far from being negligible: that will not enable you to play without depositing money but it is always that of gains!!
    They are subjected to conditions:
    *** no-claims bonus express in % but with a maximum limit, for example 100% of no-claims bonus with a maximum of 400$ : if you deposit 50$ you will have 100$ on the whole to play, for 200$ demountings you will have 400$ to play but if you invest 300$ you will have 400$ to play (and not 600$, ok?).
    *** you cannot withdraw your no-claims bonus before having miser 5 times 10 times this no-claims bonus
    *** etc..

    Attentively read the conditions, they vary from a casino to another.

    The classification of the best no-claims bonus of inscriptions of the casinos on line:

    The classification varies regularly according to the new casinos test.

    If you wish more infos on the casino, it is enough to click on small “I” blue.
    If you wish to test them it is in the column “Accesses direct to the casino”, I point out that all the casinos propose a whole a demonstration mode to play for the fun and without money.
    There are same 4 of them which offer 10 to you$ to start to play without making deposit!


    Category Casinos Welcome Bonus
    Name of the Casino
    deposit minimum
    Acces to casino
    Casino Europa casino online
    100% maxi 2400$
    Casino de Reve casino online
    150% maxi 1000$
    Casino Vegas Red casino online
    100% maxi 888$
    Casino Monaco Gold casino online
    100% maxi 600$
    Casino del Rio casino online
    300% maxi 600$
    Casino Tropez casino online
    100% maxi 500$
    Casino 770 casino online
    100% maxi 400$
    Casino Slots Royale casino online
    75% maxi 300$
    Casino Golden Palace casino online
    300% maxi 300$
    Casino Golden Rivierra casino online
    150% maxi 200$
    Casino Aspinalls casino online
    200% maxi 200$
    Casino 24kt Gold casino online
    200% maxi 200$
    Casino Flamingo Club casino online
    200% maxi 200$
    Casino Grand Onlinecasino online
    200% maxi 200$
    Casino Grand Hotel 100% maxi 132$
    Casino Roxy Palace casino online
    100% maxi 100$
    Casino Miami Paradise casino online
    150% maxi 75$
    Casino River Nile casino online
    150% maxi 60$
    Casino Unibet casino online
    100% maxi 30$





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