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    Online casino gaming rules

    To knowing the rules of casino gaming

    You should know the rules of casino gaming and you may find some of them here.

    Online casinos gaming rules are the same as those of real casinos but the rules of awarding of earnings may be slightly different. As a consequence, it is essential that you know the rules so that you will not lose your earnings by an unread rule, as I have already explained with the example of slot machines on the warning page.

    Rules of main casinos gaming:

    Black Jack - Baccarat - Caster - Video Poker - Jackpots -

    Black Jack rules:

    Our Black Jack game is composed of a dealer and a player. The dealer has 6 decks of cards, all mixed together. Before the dealer starts dealing the cards, the player chooses the amount he wants to bet and places his bets. As soon as the dealer starts dealing the cards the player cannot change his bets anymore.
    At the beginning of the game, the player receives 2 cards face up. The dealer will also receive 2 cards; one will be face up, the other one will be face down. The dealer will only return his “hidden” card once the player is done with his game. If the dealer’s total amount is between 17 and 21, the dealer must “stand”. If the total amount of his cards is equal or less that 16, the dealer will continue to hit cards until he reaches a total amount of 17 or more.
    As soon as he exceeds 21, the dealer loses the game and the player wins the bet. The player wins the game if the total amount of his hand is higher than the total amount of the hand of the dealer, without exceeding 21. All hands being less than the total amount of the dealers hand will loose.

    Hands with identical values will be considered as a draw or a “push”, and the player will have his initial bet returned. If the player has a Black Jack (which means he has a 10 or a figure with an Ace), he will win one and a half time his bet unless the dealer also has a Black Jack. In that case it would be a “push”.

    This option will automatically double the initial bet made by the player and the dealer will serve the player a third card face up. The player will not be able to receive any other card. It is only possible for the player to double when he receives his first two cards or after having split his game.

    If the first two cards received by the player have the same value, the player will be entitled to split his hand into two different hands. This option will automatically place a bet, equal to the initial bet, on the second hand. Each hand will then be played independently.
    The player plays now with two different hands and he can ask for as many cards as he wants for each of his hands (taking the risk to lose his hands if he exceeds 21). If the player wants to split two Aces, and if he gets a Black Jack it will be consider a simple 21. In that case, if the dealer has 21, it will be a draw (“push”).

    This operation allows the player to quit the game and to recover all or half of his initial bet, depending on the state of play. The game will then start again as normal.

    When the card face up of the dealer is an Ace, The player has the choice to take an INSURANCE. This means that the player may gamble one half of his initial bet in order to assure not to lose his entire bet if the dealer shows, besides his Ace, a hand with a 10 or a face card.
    If the hand of the dealer is an Ace and a 10, the player wins two and a half time his insurance bet (which means he would keep his initial bet and his insurance bet).
    If the card face down of the dealer has a value of less than 10, the player will lose his insurance bet and the game continue as normal.
    PUSH or EQUALITY There is equality when the dealer and the player have the same total amount in card values. In case of equality no one loses and the player takes has his initial bet returned.

    Baccarat rules

    The purpose of the Baccarat game is to obtain a hand where the total number of points is the closest to 9.

    The player places his bet on either the banker’s hand, or on the player’s hand. Each hand receives at least two cards but not more than three. Baccarat is played with eight decks. The first and the second playing cards taken from the pile are for the player’s hand and the second and the fourth are for the banker’s hand.

    The Aces count as one point; the cards from 2 to 9 keep their own values; the 10 and the face cards count as 0. If the value of the first two cards is 8 or 9 it is a “Natural” and no more cards are taken. The hand with the highest number of points or the nearest to nine wins. Winnings amount to bets. If the two hands have the same total, the “Drawn” bet wins, 8 for 1.
    When a Drawn happens, all bets gage on the player or the banker are neither lost nor won

    Roulette rules

    Straight Up
    The player can gamble on any number (from 1 to 36, including 0) by placing a chip directly on a number.
    Split Bet
    The player can gamble on two numbers by placing a chip on the line which separates the two numbers.
    Street Bet
    The player can gamble on three numbers by placing a chip on the exterior border line of the Roulette table which is beside a corresponding row of the three numbers.
    Corner Bet
    The player can gamble on four numbers by placing a chip on the corner where four numbers meet on one point.
    Line Bet
    The player can bet on two rows of three numbers by placing a chip on the interior left border line where the line dividing the two rows is cut.

    Dozen Bet
    The player can gamble on a group of twelve numbers by placing his chips in one of the three boxes marked “1st”, “2nd”, or “3rd”. Those bets divide the roulette table in 3 series of numbers: 1 12, 13 24 and 25 36.
    Even/Odd Bet
    The player can bet an odd or an even number by putting his chips on the “odd number” box or on the “even number” box. Zero is not covered by those boxes. Each box covers 18 numbers.
    Red/Black Bet The player can gamble on Red or Black by putting his chips on the red box or on the black one. Zero is not covered by those boxes. Each box covers 18 numbers.

    Video Poker rules

    In the Video Poker, the player receives a hand composed of five cards.
    After having chosen the cards he wants to keep, the dealer will give you new cards. Depending on the number of cards discarded, the dealer will distribute you new cards (you must have a hand of five cards).
    Your hand is compared to a payout scheme with winning combinations. The aim of this game is to have the best combination in order to receive the highest winnings.

    Winning Combinations:
    -Jacks or better: The player only wins if he receives a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces.
    A lower pair will not entitle him to win anything.
    - Double pair: Two pairs of two different ranking cards (e.g. a pair of kings and a pair of 2s).
    - Three of a kind: Three cards with the same rank (e.g. three 7s).
    - Straight: Five consecutive cards but with different suits (e.g. 2 of hearts, 3 of spades, 4 of clubs, 5 of diamonds, 6 of clubs).
    - Flush: Five cards of the same suit in any order (e.g. 2, A, 9, 5, Q of heart).
    -Full house: Three cards of the same rank and a pair (e.g. three 7s and two 8s).
    - Four of a kind: Four cards of the same rank (e.g. 7 of diamonds, 7 of clubs, 7 of heart, 7 of spades).
    - Straight flush: Five consecutive cards of the same suit (e.g. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of clubs).
    Royal straight flush: Five consecutive cards of the same family starting from 10 and ending with Ace (e.g. 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of spade).

    Machines (Progressive Jackpots and Jackpots)

    They have an entire page dedicated to them Jackpots.

    Good games !!


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