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    Introduction to the casinos on line

    Introduction to online casinos

    An online casino is a website with a program that enables you to gamble with real money on the Internet or a site that lets you play directly online.
    The program allows you to buy chips with your credit card, by check or bank transfer and more and more with a virtual bank. Nearly all casinos enable you to really gamble with money, or to gamble freely to try their games before launching in the adventure; the page starting with casinos may help you to begin.

    Casinos with or without downloading

    Many casinos do not need you to download a program on your PC to gamble; they are designed with Java, Flash etc… and are directly downloaded on your browser. However, you may need Plugs-In (provided by SunMicrosystem or Macromedia) in order to improve space, conditions and number of games: you should then install them on your computer so that your browser may be compatible.
    The main advantage of casino without downloading is that you may gamble from most of the computers and networks: Mac and PC.

    Advantages and drawbacks of online casinos

    ***Practical aspect: you can play from home whatever the hour of day and night.
    ***Gambling gains possibilities: online casinos offer the same transfer rate as real Las Vegas casinos, i.e. between 95% and 99%!
    As a comparison, the transfer rate in Europe is only 70%.
    ***Registration bonus and special offers: online casinos offer registration bonus as well as numerous limited offers. When you register you will thus have a free part of your initial deposit. Some of those bonuses are sometimes up to 150% of your own deposit.
    You will find the best bonus on the page of casinos rated by best registration bonus

    ***Obviously you will not find the atmosphere of real casinos.
    ***The complete availability of those online casinos may be dangerous for people who become addicted.
    ***Finally, some people are reluctant to use their credit card on the internet: online casinos use a data encryption (128 bits) and they are developing more and more the use of specific banks of the web.

    Casinos presented here are certified by one or more specialized organisms and have a legal gaming license; their life span is the guarantee of their seriousness and honesty.
    The reliability of selected casinos is explained on the page “starting with casinos”, as well as transaction safety; you will also find useful information to choose your casino.
    If you need more information on the games offered, have a look at the page casino gaming rules.

    Have fun with the online games.


    Warning: The money plays and sites are prohibited to the old people of less than 18 years. You conform to the legislation in force in your country website forbidden less than 18

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