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    legislation of the money plays in France

    The French legislation

    The casinos on line present on this site are intend to the people major and lying in any jurisdiction or the use of the casinos on line and gambling are authorize by the law.
    plays are prohibited to the minors and it is responsibility for the player to get informed about legality of the play on line in the jurisdiction of which it depends and to conform to it.

    This being poses, I held to specify you that the majority of the players consider the casinos an entertainment, very little become players conpulsifs and dependent (1 to 2% according to official statistics').

    Personal warning on the casinos on line

    What play money plays or which already have “boursicote” on line know what I will speak.
    The passion of the money or the profit can be devastator; it is appropriate before starting to play to know why one plays!
    Thus one will control better our play, our possible profits and probable losses.
    I insist a little heavily on knowledge that L one must have our psychological springs vis-a-vis the money: believe me: this small introspection is not useless to maximize your profits and to minimize your losses.

    Some small councils in bulk:

    *Ne to play casino that if you have the lawful age to do it!

    * Before starting with miser on a gambling, you fix a maximum limit of loss AND YOU HOLD with this limit.

    * Before starting to play, be certain of to control all the parameters of the play and read them well rules with each new play, because the rules can differ from a casino to another: check for example the methods of the machines with under, sometimes it is necessary to make a maximum setting to gain the profits or to add a token etc...

    * Take pauses.

    * It is often said that it is necessary to know to lose but it is especially necessary to know to gain: i.e. to stop in time not to lose all that one has already gains!

    * Lastly, if you feel to develop a dependence with the play, entrust your computer to a friend and sink to consult a specialist.

    Good games !!





    Warning: The money plays and sites are prohibited to the old people of less than 18 years. You conform to the legislation in force in your country website forbidden less than 18

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